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Teachers' School Supply is excited to introduce our Fall Crib Special! The CPSC's December 28th deadline to implement the new crib safety standards is quickly approaching. With our wide selection of commercial grade cribs, low prices and unmatched customer service, we aim to make your crib buying experience easy and affordable.

On December 28, 2010, the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) implemented extensive crib safety standards for traditional steel and wood cribs. Today, all cribs manufactured and offered for sale are compliant with the CPSC standards. In addition to eliminating drop-side cribs, found to cause infant deaths, cribs now require a number of new structural enhancements and compliance tests have become more stringent. Under the new guidelines, child care facilities will be required to replace both traditional fixed-side and drop-side cribs before the CSPC's December 28, 2012 deadline. All Teachers’ School Supply cribs meet current CPSC standards and have been designed with affordability, convenience and high quality construction in mind. Please read more for our frequently asked crib safety questions and contact your friendly TSS Sales Consultants for additional information.

Which TSS cribs are compliant with the new CSPC standards?
All traditional steel and wood cribs offered by TSS are federally compliant with the latest safety regulations.

Is a sturdy, non drop-side crib okay to use in my child care facility?
Cribs purchased prior to June 28, 2011 are unlikely to meet new standards. The new CPSC standards require stronger hardware and rigorous testing to prove a crib’s durability.

Is there a kit I can purchase to align our cribs with the new compliance standards?
Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done to make a non compliant crib compliant. According to the CPSC, retrofitting cribs cannot be done.

Is it okay for me to resell, donate or give away a crib that does not meet the new crib standards?
According to the CPSC, it is not okay for non compliant cribs to be donated, resold or even given away. Non compliant cribs must be disposed of they are not being recalled. The CPSC recommends disassembling the cribs before discarding.

Do TSS cribs come with a certification of compliance?
Upon request, TSS can provide you a certification of compliance for any crib we provide. You are not required to have a copy of the COC for your crib to be compliant.

Are churches/church nurseries subject to the new crib standards?
If a church operates a "child care facility", the cribs it provides must comply with the CPSC’s crib standards. There is no exclusion for church child care facilities.

Does TSS have evacuation cribs available?
Yes. We have a number of wood, metal and portable folding evacuation cribs to meet your needs. Check out our commercial grade evacuation cribs from Simmons Kids, Foundations and L.A. Baby. We also supply evacuation frames from Angeles and Foundations. We are currently offering sales and manufacturer rebates on our many of our evacuation cribs.
Evacuation cribs must be of durable construction, narrow enough to pass through a 3' wide door, and have sturdy caster wheels approximately 4" in diameter, allowing one person to easily roll the cribs over different indoor/outdoor surfaces. The evacuation crib should be placed closest to the exit for use during fire drills and in the event of an emergency.
Keep in mind that until the end of October we are offering FREE SHIPPING on any Simmons Kids order of $2,500 or more. ALL Simmons Kids cribs are built to meet evacuation requirements.

Do you expect to have enough cribs to meet customer demand?
We have a wide variety of commercial grade cribs available to meet your needs. All our manufactures have made every effort to ensure that there are cribs in stock to meet customer demand, and while do not foresee stock outs, we cannot guarantee availability.

How do the new crib standards effect use of portable cribs and play yards?
The mandatory crib standards for non-full-size cribs (16 CFR part 1220), include traditional steel and wood portable cribs, but do not apply to play yards. Enclosures with mesh or fabric sides are considered to be play yards and are not subject to the new CPSC crib standards. The CSPC is developing a separate federal standard for play yards, however, at this time these standards have not been finalized. Click to Read More >>

For more comprehensive information, please visit the CPSC Crib Information Center.

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