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Crib Buying Guide

The TSS Commercial Crib Buying Guide
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) implemented extensive crib safety standards for traditional steel and wood cribs. A crib's mattress support, slats and hardware are now required to be more durable. Under the new guidelines, child care facilities will be required to replace both traditional fixed-side and drop-side cribs before the CSPC's December 28, 2012 deadline. According to the CSPC, the new standards will create a safer generation of cribs.
Teachers' School Supply Cribs are ALL Compliant with the latest standards.
Compact Compared to Full-Size Crib:*
Biltmore Compact Crib, Fixed-Side
Space saving size; most common type of crib to find in a child care setting.
Foundation’s Biltmore Compact Crib
40.38" x 27.63" x 41.13"
Biltmore Full-Size Crib, Fixed-Side
Due to room size, a full-size crib is more typically found in a residential nursery. Our selection includes full-size cribs.
Foundation’s Biltmore Full-Size Crib
44.5" x 32.33" x 54.75"
* The comparison above is for example, sizes may vary by brand and crib model
End Panels
SafetyCraft Compact Crib, Fixed-Side
-Traditional slatted end panels provide visibility and durability
Safety Craft
Serenity Compact Crib, Fixed-Side
-Offers strength and scratch-resistance
-Improved visibility
-Lessens the spread of germs; "sneeze-guard" protection
Serenity Compact Crib, SafeReach Mirrored
- To help sooth sleepy babies
- With a mirror end panel on one side, the opposite end panel will be either slatted or clear for visibility
Serenity SafeReach
All of our compact cribs include a 2", 3" or 4" mattress. Replacement mattresses are also sold separately. When choosing a replacement mattress for your crib, make sure that it offers a snug fit, coming close to the sides and not leaving any room for a child’s limbs to become trapped.
Adjustable Mattress Height
This is a common feature that accommodates multiple height settings. The crib has additional holes drilled to let you elevate or lower the mattress level safely.
Side Panels
Fixed Sides
Portable cribs are designed for fast and simple storage for child care centers with fluctuating attendance or that need more classroom space when cribs aren’t in use. These cribs are available in a wide variety of styles and include wood or metal construction, evacuation cribs and a play yard style unit with mesh or fabric sides.
SAFE Alternatives to traditional Drop-Side cribs
Drop-Side cribs were designed to easily unlatch and 'drop' for convenient access to the crib mattress. Drop-side cribs have been proven to be unsafe/cause infant deaths and are NO LONGER available. Traditional drop-side cribs will not meet the new CPSC crib standards that became effective on June 28, 2011. Alternative features have been developed to offer this same level of convenience:
SafeReach (Foundations) - Caregivers can lower the side-rail for easy access while minimizing the risk of back strain. Innovative hinging and latching system eliminates pinch point hazards to infant. * Available in Serenity & Biltmore models (pictured to the left)
Safe-T-Side (Angeles) Convertible top rail with 2-finger latch for easy access. * Safe-T-Side model
Safety Gate (L.A. Baby) A swinging “Safety Gate” requires an adult’s arm reach to disengage both locks simultaneously. The swing gate folds down out of the way to allow easy access and reduce the risk of back strain.
Evacuation - Fire Safety
Evacuation cribs are required for all infant rooms. These cribs must be of durable construction, narrow enough to pass through a 3 foot wide door, and have sturdy caster wheels approximately 4” in diameter, which allow one person to easily roll the cribs over different indoor/outdoor surfaces. The evacuation crib should be placed closest to the exit for use during fire drills and in the event of an emergency, enabling one teacher to easily transport children. Typically, one evacuation crib is required for every 4 children; however local licensing standards vary by region.
Steel cribs come in white and occasionally in a chocolate colored, easy-to-clean powder coated finish. Wood cribs are available with a natural finish, white finish and select cribs are also offered in unique shades such as cherry, black cherry and antique cherry.
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